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Asus Eee PC defeats MacBook, Taking Over Notebook Sales Charts

Asus Eee PCs are selling like hotcakes on, according to their PC Hardware Bestseller list. This list has been long dominated by the MacBook. The Eee PC 901, with it’s 12 GB SSD, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor, and Windows XP, appears to have hit the sweet spot.

I for one am fascinated by this “NetBook” phenomenon. Their size is great, but their battery life is nothing special. They’re great at browsing the web, emailing and chatting, and general word processing, but clearly don’t have nearly enough power for me to run Visual Studio. I think I might buy one for my mom (she’s getting tired of sharing a computer with my dad!).


UPDATE: Apple fanboys rejoice, the MacBook is back on top. But all laptops are completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of Eee PCs on the charts!