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Hello World!

So last night I finally found the time to sit down and start a blog I’ve been meaning to for many months. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before I was struggling to come up with a name. And then a random thought led me to “Lost in Code” and I grabbed the WordPress domain. But before I could write my first post I had doubts about the name because I felt it portrayed something negative about my personality that I neither intended nor is true.

But then I had to work all weekend (see: About Me). And we ran out of time and couldn’t resolve a bug. And I realized, for the better part of this year’s father’s day, I was lost in code.

So here I am, hello world! I thought it appropriate for the first post of this blog to show how to write a hello world application in every known computer language. Later on I’ll focus mainly on my specialties, the .NET development enviornement, enterprise-class web application development, developing for SharePoint, and lots of other goodies…in the meantime, enjoy!