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Dear Google, Please fix Reader!!!

I’ve been a loyal Google Reader user now for a quite a while. And I’m about to quit it, forever, because of a very STUPID decision by the Google engineers and product managers. You see, despite it saying so, there isn’t really an option to “keep unread” your, well, unread items. I often queue items up to read later, or keep them as read at the bottom of the new posts for later reference (say, software I want to try but don’t have time for yet.)

Well now Reader has marked many of those items read. It seems that after 30 days, even if I kept checked to “keep unread”, they get marked as read. So, Google is lying to me. Furthermore, when I have the option to receive email feeds or RSS, I choose RSS out of convienence with the assumption it will act the same as email, i.e. unread messages are unread until they, well, aren’t.

So Google, you are about to lose a Reader customer, and considering I use many other services of yours, believeing that Google prioritizes the users data and preferences first, I’m not sure I can continue trusting your services in the same way. I mean, you didn’t even warn me.

So now I must go back through hundreds of blog posts I’ve already read, to find the 4 you’ve taken away from my unread list, despite me telling you explicitly not to, as you asked me to do. Shame on you, Google.