Dreaming of Printing My Own Gadgets…

Today I got a new Sprint Mogul (PPC-6800). I was watching the LCDs blink, and it hit me really deep: I can’t wait for the day 3D printers have matured to the point where they can print the case, circuit boards, and chips, and maybe even the batteries and screens themselves, so that I can make my own portable electronics. Not to say that what’s out there isn’t impressive, or that we aren’t moving in the right direction as a whole, but I can think of many people and researchers that could use their own, uniquely functional, gadget design.

In the meantime, here are some companies leading the charge:

By the way, about the new Mogul. I broke my PPC-6700, and brought it in for service under the Sprint ESRP. It was covered, but they had no spare parts, so they had to order a refurbished replacement. It arrived promptly, but had defective Bluetooth, so they ordered another. The second arrived, and also had defective Bluetooth as well as graphics issues. They ordered another, and to my utter surprise, it had defective Bluetooth! And a few broken keys on the keyboard. The store manager that was handling the swaps said they’d give me a Mogul, if they had any. So with that in the bank I called Customer Care and within 20 minutes they had ordered me a brand new Mogul free or charge, no contract extension needed.

Now I’ve had some bad times with Sprint Customer Care (15 hours and two repetitions just to open the account), but asides from the poor quality control, this was a very pleasant experience. Certainly much more so than my other try at getting customer service lately. Well done Sprint, keep it up.


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